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What the FLAC is going on?

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I wanted to explain to my loyal followers what has been going on here, and why no posts lately?

Well there have been a few reasons for this and I thought it about time to give everyone a heads up. I have stated in the past that I want to post here about my adventures, experiences, and critical music listening tests. That all had been going very well according to the responses and traffic that I’ve had from people about my posts. The problem was that it was going too 87349oFLPwell. Going too well, and then not continuing to grow, does not make much sense, right? What I can say about that, is that when you gain in popularity and web traffic you not only attract good attention but also scrutiny from media conglomerates. Everything I do here is well within the law, but as you know a small website like we have here is no match to anyone wanting to give us headaches about content, especially those with deep pockets. Everything was fine while I was getting high numbers of unique visitors for a small website, this however brought with it unneeded attention. At that time I decided to slow things down by not posting to see how things shake out…I am now confident that we can begin to ramp things up again.

Another thing I have said before is that I do not want this to become a closed site as well as an easy opportunity for advertising. This site will always be ad free and open source. There is no money made from this site nor will I ever accept any money for this site. All costs are obviously my responsibility and I am very happy with that. The idea that people are getting enjoyment from reading and hearing my critical opinions, is well enough to keep me happy.65834g

1. In the next few weeks I will be bringing some old posts up to date and there will be plenty of links here on the Main “Day” Page, to this new information.

2. Although I have been away from posting, I have not stopped gathering material for this site. I have been continuously writing and compiling content and have a lot of articles and music reviews to post in the coming weeks and months. The previously announced music critiques are still forthcoming, as well as our exclusive “Series” articles.

3. The self imposed downtime here at the site has achieved the desired outcome. Keeping the traffic down and tempering the undesirable attention. I must stress that this is not a sever bandwidth issue, at the time we were receiving our highest numbers, we have never come anywhere close to our allotted data and server plan.

4. Sorry that we could not keep everyone updated as to how things were proceeding. If anything like this should happen in the future, that is if the site goes dormant for a while, you can inquire by email. I can promise this, no matter what the situation, (Site down, Dormancy, Server Issues, etc.) our domain name / website address will never change. If the site ever has any issues it will just migrate and will at some point be back up at http://www.christmachine.com/

5. I have to thank all of our visitors who continued to come here even while there were no new posts or content. We could not be where we are without your support!



Cheers and Bless Bless!


CM ☕



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