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Mission Statement:

This is an educational website only…providing knowledge to those seeking information and artistic criticism in their journey for a more thorough understanding of contemporary media technology and guerrilla journalism.

  • To help others to navigate the tedious, and sometimes difficult to understand world of Analog to Digital / Digital to Digital Recordings and Transfers or “Rips”.
  • It’s all about the “Art Of Mastering” and “Source Material”. As you know the sound is only as good as it’s source, thus “Garbage in Garbage Out”.
  • As of today we have a large “Reference Quality Recordings” catalog (Flat Analog Transfers to Digital) sourced from Vinyl Rips from around the world. Our goal is to pressure the Rec*ording industry to move toward creating a “Reference Quality Digital Recordings Catalog” (Direct Flat Transfers from Original Analog Master Tapes to Digital).  There are a few movements that are positively affecting change toward this goal, but the quality of Hi-Res Digital transfers  is still extremely selective and spotty.
  • What is considered the “Best” of any recording is subjective…for example someone may love an official Hi-Res Digital Recording and that is fine, they might find the clarity and detail from such a recording is “The Best they have ever heard”. Whereas another trained ear who has heard many available recordings in different resolutions and formats of the recording in question might find it sterile, clinical, cold and lacking  in many ways, as well as the sound being “different” from what the artists in the studio originally intended for the listener to hear. Re-masters and Re-mixes “usually” are not a good thing as people have been led to believe.
  • It should be stressed that every recording must be taken and analyzed on it’s own merit. Each release must be scrutinized on it’s own, without any bias that has been realized from any other recording. This sounds simple and obvious, but in critical listening, each individual album must be approached in this manner.
  • Lineage / Provenance of a recording should be the industry standard and it is not. Why are they hiding this information, we think it to be a combination of lack of care as well as the desire to keep the purchasing public in the dark so that they can continue to resell, over and over “Improved Quality Recordings”. This, not providing Lineage / Provenance of a recording is unacceptable.
  • The main goal of this site over all others is to provide content from all genres of music with no prejudice toward another. Good music is good music, and opening peoples minds to new sounds is extremely relevant here. This obviously does not mean “forced to listen”…this site will cover music you will like and not like. If you do not like something don’t listen and move on to something you do like. It’s sad that some people just give up if they are into Electronic Music and I post something that is Pop or Metal. I don’t mean to pick on Electronic music it is an example, Metal Heads or any other genres fans can give up if I post Jazz or Leftfield. Live a little! ;)


Thanks for reading…you may want to check the “About” page on occasion, as I have said it is constantly evolving.


Again thank you for all your support…let’s enjoy the music!

Cheers and Bless Bless!


CM ☕


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