Think the “EDM” debate is reaching a fever pitch? [CHARMSY Repost Re-Edit]

Think the “EDM” debate is reaching a fever pitch? Everyone fighting or healthy debate?

Originally published by Christmachine 14th Jan 2013

My 25 Cents on the Underground, EDM, Rap, Heavy Metal, Punk, Grunge, New Wave, and anyone else who has ever felt left behind.

Think the “EDM” debate is reaching a fever pitch? Everyone fighting or healthy debate? We shall see…take this prediction to heart, I KNOW there WILL ALWAYS be a healthy “underground”, no matter what happens or who comes along as the sound of the moment.

Corporate America will as always chew the music and spit it out as it has done to every other type. There are some upsides to this…it kind of reminds me of the East / West debate that got two amazing legends shot and ruined things, ( just ask Metalheads, Punks, Grunge Rockers, or New Wavers ) except Electronic has no “Hoods” so it will all be just arguments over “dumbing down” and “artistic integrity” and money. Just Beefs with no blood except for what has always followed any “Scene”, plenty of overdoses on Bath Salts / Sizzurp (lean) / Molly / Oxy’s / and a whole slew of other unknown pills.

I remember the 90’s when Oakenfold ruled the world…Then the millennium came and Sasha and Digweed ruled the world, so now who rules the world. No need to say it everyone knows whether they use vinyl or Ableton or perform live. The only thing that has changed is the piece of the pie everyone gets and ruined ears that have to listen to such “drivel”. Our reputation can get no worse than banning water bottles and glow sticks. The “Rave Act” is as bad as will get for us.

You see the real secret to our problem is that we stay alive long enough after the bastardization of “our music”, for the hugely successful to give props to the originators and influences when they receive a grammy or pontificate in Mixmag articles in the future. The resurgence of the “real” legends will come to pass if they don’t hoot and holler like everyone is now as “Sourpuss”. Perfect example is the props of the Rap community given to Grandmaster Flash and The Sugar Hill Gang who did not scream “me, me, me” when “Snoop, Biggie, Dre, & Tupac” broke.  Even legends like Ice Cube, Ice T, and Eazy E got ends, even with a lack of critical acclaim.

One more thing strikes me about all this, when one of my close family members recently said that she likes Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne now after over 30 years of thinking they were going to tempt me into the bowels of hell when I die, at first I thought “NOOOOOO….they’re my Sharon and Ozzy and Black Sabbath since I was six years old (listening to scratchy Kiss vinyls on my Fisher Price Record Player…Yes, no lie) and you’re not claiming them now. WTF”.  After going through the grieving process like everyone is now over EDM, I realisied that what really happened was that I was right all along and had won the hard fight. Humility was now my hill, proper vindication on a healthy level, No? One final thought 80’s metal is getting as big again (In a retro way) and there where a lot of “sourpuss’s” then as well. There is even still room today for Pearl Jam & Soundgarden and a Guns & Roses with one founding member (now two / Duff McKagen)…WHAT!!! Sacrilege!!!. As a matter of fact I still love them all.

So with that said try to keep healthy so you are not a “legend” posthumously and when you are invited to awards shows in the future (EAC ~ Everyone’s a Celebrity) because Deadmau5 or Skrillex or Aoki or Justice (Or whoever is huge at the moment) demand that you be there to get your rightful props and the camera pans over to you in fame you can smile and do it with “honor, integrity, and authority”. Or you could just say “Fuck You” and not go…this will get attention as well though so be careful what you ask for. Someday beyond all this, in the future, I look forward to the war stories…I know I have a few books I could write and I’m not famous. Just my 25 cents. Respect.!

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