The Greatest Moments in Rock and Roll History Series #3 – Jimmy Hendrix plays M0nterey Full Show! [Direct Links]…

Another installment for our “The Greatest Moments in Rock and Roll History Series”, it’s an hour long but if you have never seen the full show…it’s a must. You will see why his first 6770_1202894308068_4564484_nflipshow here back in the US after living in the UK changed history. Remember it’s the full release so there is about 10 minutes of intro narrated by Papa John Phillips, all fascinating viewing. An Interesting thing I heard from someone who was around at the time was that it was not common for a popular artist to attempt to play a Bob Dylan song (Like A Rolling Stone) in front of a large audience. When Bob was asked what he thought of Jimi’s version he replied, ‘I think he plays the song better then me’.

Go widescreen and turn it up, nice one!




Killing Floor                                   e                   1234
Foxy Lady                                       e                   1234
Like a Rolling Stone                            e                   1234
Rock Me Baby                                    e                   1234
Hey Joe                                         e                   1234
Can You See Me                                  e                   1234
The Wind Cries Mary                             e                   1234
Purple Haze                                     e                   1234
Wild Thing                                      e                   1234

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