What’s Your Digital Legacy? Make Them Smile In Your Virtual Life….[Updated~Edit]

I have already described what the Christmachine Audio Reference Music Server is, BJPq2MhCYAAP6grboth in general and In-Depth in other pieces here. The third important dimension is that of a digital legacy.

Not to bum anyone out, but this should be important to us all, and that is what we leave for a “Digital legacy” when the time comes. Again this is not meant to be depressing…I face these kinds of things head on and like to think that I would leave some record that would put a smile on my loved ones faces when my time has come.

If you think for a minute, especially if something should happen to us unexpectedly, we hopefully leave others with good memories. The other side of this thinking process is that we leave a footprint online as well as a computer, externals, and a cloud that would have a lot of our private information. Be that as it may, as I think about this what would people learn about me that they might not fully know. Well the main thing for LkhkLme would be my passion for music and cinema ….not just a little passion but everything archived that would take someone 10 years to sift through. That is exciting to me because my Digital Legacy both here and in storage, I imagine would be quite a gas. I know what you’re thinking, ‘what makes you think others would find all my junk interesting’. I can’t say for sure but as you will see in due time that I have a lot of “war stories” which could not possibly be made up.

The website here at christmachine.com is my way of sorting out that “junk” for others to get a better understanding of my life. I like to say that I’ve lived three lives in the half I already have in this one. Further I also like to say that I have a few books worth of stories that would blow people’s mind and I’m not even famous, nor would I want to be. Traveling the world, tours, 900x900px-LL-ec46007a_3786601324_e96b6a3bf7_oexperiences, we all have them but here I can do that uncensored and to the best of my memory…I may forget a few small details but when did a person let truth get in the way of a good story.

Another thing is that I’ve always been good at writing when I keep it up…in the last several years after University I have let that stagnate and wither a bit. That is the reason some of my articles here meander and lose their way a bit. The more that I write, the better my writing will be, for many of us that is the case. Organizing my time to keep this blog filled with good content is also a good type of stress, I feel myself getting better at it every day as 900x900px-LL-d350f49b_180805d1359746819-den-store-hodetelefontra-den-321452_495117173872042_1278125087_nwebsite maintenance becomes more and more less time consuming. It’s starting to become second nature every day that I do it.

So I’ve read some articles on Digital Legacy and one of the most important ways of securing that legacy is giving someone you trust a list of all your login information at the most important places that you roam. One of the examples they give is, say you have a great memory and you feel secure because all your passwords are memorized in your head. What if you should bang that head in an accident and your still able to heal up fine except for one part…the memory becomes dodgy, then what would you do. I know a lot of people have software that secures all your passwords in one place with one login key to access them all. So I guess this writeup does not apply to you.

I don’t mean to get all psychological on your ass but even more than login access is that 900x900px-LL-d474f278_Devil-1024x805over time we all begin to sort out our digital information in such a way that our machines can be like a virtual book on our lives. I’ve been working on this for sometime, since I’m probably never going to write a book on my life, I think it would be pretty cool if my younger relatives would have a whole history of my life in digital form. They could watch all the best movies and listen to all the best music that I have compiled for myself. I know that’s pretentious to say that my music is “Good” music but let’s face it  the music the youth listen to today can be lacking in substance. Please do not confuse that comment with my saying that there is no good music out there, that could not be further from the truth. There is lot’s of good, really so much freaking music out there (Good and bad), but if you have ADHD like me sorting out the good from the bad can make me at times want to stick a pencil through my eye socket straight into my skull /sarcasm.

I know when I was young I would listen to only one type of music and then I would hear 900x900px-LL-cd32f308_1headphonesZeppelin, Pink Floyd, Metallica, John Coltrane, Paul Oakenfold, and Danny Howells….a whole new world would open up to me, for music and cinema,  I did not like at the start. At some point the “oh yeah, I get it now” factor would kick in. Now I’ll just as soon listen to Cinderella as I would Django Reinhardt. I give anything a try now and my musical knowledge is all the better for it…I hope that they will experience these type of “enlightening moments” that I had even if it’s not with my music.

So do what you will with my odd ramblings…It’s something that I think about, maybe at some point it will happen for you as well, maybe not. Anyway I still have to round up 900x900px-LL-d3e145c5_2dfd588d-2e10-44b8-adf8-0d41dfc2424f_largethousands of information logins so that someone can make some damn sense of my mess. I guess that will be such a task that maybe it will never happen and all they’ll have is some food porn and a million crazy .gif’s from tumblr. Oh well at least I can say I tried.

Thanks for reading and again for all your support!

Bless Bless!

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k14Enjoy, and please come back soon for some interesting articles to come!

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Please do not reproduce this article either all or in part without the expressed written permission of the author who can be reached via the “Contact” section in the header menu. You may link to the article if you wish, all that we ask is that you give credit to the respective author…”Christmachine” wherever you post a link. Thank you.



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