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Photo ~ Courtesy Of Doc Keyaza

Hello all, hope your having a wonderful day. Periodically we will be posting relevant news to help you, our friends, to be aware of what we have coming as well as informed to make sure the websites continue to run efficiently. As I said in an earlier  post we have some exciting news as well as some general information so let us begin.

  • I am pleased to announce that our friend “Doc” has generously allowed us to use his photography on the site. Doc is the salt of the earth and can often be found touring

    Photo ~ Courtesy Of Doc Keyaza

    the globe for his real job, but even better he has been capturing the world of music with his eye for photography. To be frank if I asked him if he would even consider himself a “great” photographer, he would probably say no, but I will put it out there he is a true artist. I have been admiring at his work for a number of years now and I would put him up there with the best music and landscape photographers of our generation. The moments he has captured, as you will see are truly stunning. He also has a great pension for


    Photo ~ Courtesy Of Doc Keyaza

    humorous takes and has posted photos that have had me on the floor literally laughing out loud. I will let the photos speak for themselves but I can tell you this eye candy will make this a much better site. Thanks to Doc with full respect brother!

  • Coming soon, I will undertake some of the most comprehensive reviews of landmark albums in music history. As I have said before, they will be in the style of comparing the available formats of a particular release from the original pressings to present digital technology. My next review will be on an album that is often considered to be one of the most culturally significant records in the last half century. It has challenged and influenced how we think and evolve artistically, inspiring all that has come henceforth. I look forward to these projects and I know they will be a welcome addition by you, our friends here at Christmachine ~ The Audio Reference Music Server. Stay tuned.


    Guns N’ Good Times!

  • If you find that any links or videos are down or have any issues with the function of

    Photo – Courtesy Of Doc Keyaza!

    the sites please let us know so that we can fix them for you and for others. Also if at any time in the future if you find that the websites are down for any length of time please send me a PM on Twitter or check my Twitter Feed for further information or instructions, usually maintenance will be announced ahead oftime and this would only benecessary if there is a problem with our servers.Here isa my link to Twitter: Finally if you have any questions, comments, submissions, or words of wisdom, you can contact us via email from both pages in the “Contact” sections located in the header.


    Photo ~ Courtesy Of Doc Keyaza


There is a new NSFW electronic mix just dropped on the Night Playlist page…if your into that Booty Tech!  Link Here:



Photo ~ Courtesy Of Doc Keyaza






Photo ~ Courtesy Of Doc Keyaza






Photo ~ Courtesy Of Doc Keyaza







Photo ~ Courtesy Of Doc Keyaza











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