If You’re Into Music, The Next 23 Minutes And 30 Seconds Could Be The Most Important In Your Life! David Mancuso On Sound Tech, Structure, Mood, And Acoustics…[***Video***]

Davd Mancuso if you do not know, was the founder of the legendary club night in his own The Man“Loft”. The Loft NYC was founded on February 7, 1970 and as you will see it was not all just about fun, it was serious stuff. Although Mancuso is a little hard to follow, in this short video he describes all the fundamentals and physics in a really palatable way for all to learn how music works. Without delving deep he gets into the technical and psychological of discovering and delivering the best sound possible. His vision along with Alex Rosner & Richard long, who serviced Mancuso’s equipment and acted as an advisor respectively, were responsible for many of the best sound systems around the world. Mancuso says “The sound will present itself” if you have these attributes trump tight;

  1. You Need a good speaker.
  2. You Need a good clean source.
  3. You Need them both to work efficiently, reaching the whole spectrum.
  4. You Need 1 Watt in and 1db out
  5. You Need the speaker to hit a “Low C note” on an organ, not many speakers will do that.

If you have all these fundamentals, then the room will act as the speaker and that wide stereo image will let you perceive where the musicians and instruments are in the room. Their subtle details will transparently come through from the record or tape. Therefore 2403132488_5d2307e9eccontrary to many peoples beliefs you will not need any bass enhancement, ‘because it’s already there, it’s just right there’.

This footage was taken from the “Out-takes” for the independent film “The Maestro”. I thought to myself the out-takes really…The ideas that David presents in this video clip are all anyone needs to know about music, period! I’ve watched this video many times and I’m always struck with how simple it all really is. It is us and the corporations that make it hard. This video ultimately shows why the instruments of the musician, yes even the DJ and the speakers created a whole industry of underground customization and modification. If you’ve heard what good sound, sounds like…then if it’s not right then you must make it right.

Enjoy and Ponder Friends!

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Don’t waste any more time…make sure the sound is right. XD


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