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Here is where I will be posting all Deadwax Identifiers to help you identify your vinyl 900x900px-LL-CRPProvenance/ Lineage. This information was gathered from around the net, and I will constantly tightening it up and editing for completeness. If there is anything missing here, just let me know and I will add it if it is relevant. Again this is a FIRST DRAFT, when it is exactly as I want it, the post will be updated to say so. I hope this will help some of you in your search for the Holy Grail!





What is Deadwax?

Dead Wax (is) the area on vinyl records between the last track on the record and the label, varies greatly from one record company to the other, regarding value as well as quantity of useful information. The dead wax data on the products of smaller labels are often written manually, i.e. by hand.
I bought 12inch record but half of it is dead wax! It has only two tracks, the rest of it is blank, dead wax!  (Source Urban Dictionary)



RMAF13: Deciphering “dead wax” numbers, letters, squiggles and stamps and why they matter…(Video is lengthy but you can get the idea from watching some of it) Thanks to Michael Fremer @Analog Planet!



Deadwax Examples in Images:


1. Materdisk Pressing ~








2. Robert Ludwig Pressing ~






3. Wallt Traughot Pressing







4. Beatles Pressing /Stampers








5. Hand Etched









*******************Deadwax Codes:*************************



List #1



Pressing Plant Numbers:
56 = Columbia, Pitman, NJ
73 = Columbia, Terre Haute, IN
25 = Columbia, Santa Maria, CA
70 = RCA, Indianapolis, IN
72 = PRC, Richmond, IN
26 = PRC, Compton, CA
16 = Sonic Recording Products/Goldisc
18 = Presswell
19 = Bestway Products, Moutainside, NJ
22 = Allied
24 = Monarch
30 = Plastic Products
49 = Specialty Records Corp., Olyphant, PA
53 = Keel Mfg. (prior to ’79); Hauppauge Record Manufacturing, Ltd. (’79 and later)
54 = Shelley Products
76 = Hub-Servall Record Mfg. Corp.
74 = Electrosound Group Midwest, Inc.


Record company codes (the letters after “ST”)

A = Atlantic Records
C = Atco
CAP = Capricorn
CTN = Cotillion Records LPs
CO = Cotillion Records 45s
FC = Famous Charisma
SS = Swan Song
AS = Asylum
MC = Manticore
RS = Rolling Stones Records
HT = Hilltak Records
IL = Island Records

Pressing Plant Codes for LPs:

PR = Presswell Records Mfg. Co., Ancora, NJ (they handled most of Atlantic’s LP’s during much of this period)
LY = Shelley Products, Huntington Station, NY
SP = Specialty Records Corp., Olyphant, PA
MO = Monarch Record Mfg. Co., Los Angeles, CA
PL = Plastic Products, Inc., Memphis, TN
RI = Philips Recording Co., Richmond, IN
AR = Allied Record Co., Inc., Los Angeles, CA
CT or CTH = Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Terre Haute
CP = Columbia (Pitman, NJ)
CS or CSM = Columbia (Santa Maria, CA; very infrequently)
BW = Bestway Plastics, Mountainside NJ
SO = Sonic Recording Products, Holbrook, N
MG or MGS = MGM Record Mfg. Division, Bloomfield, NJ

LP label example (Led Zeppelin I)

ST = stereo
A = Atlantic Records label
68 = last two digits of the year Atlantic first received source (tape) and started working on mastering
1461 = tape master number (for side one in this example)
MO = Monarch Records pressing plant

London Records label matrix suffix:
AL – Allentown Record Co.
P – Columbia, Pitman, NJ
TH – Columbia, Terre Haute, IN
SM – Columbia, Santa Maria, CA
SH – Shelley Products, Ltd., Huntington Station, NY
BW – Bestway Products, Inc., Mountainside, NJ
GL – Decca/MCA, Gloversville, NY
K – Decca/MCA, Pinckneyville, IL
PH – PRC (formerly Philips) Recording Corp., Richmond, IN
W – H.V. Waddell, Burbank, CA


AT = Mastered at Atlantic Studios
AT/GP (handwritten) = mastered by George Piros at Atlantic
AT/DK (handwritten) = mastered by Dennis King at Atlantic
ATLANTIC STUDIOS DK (stamped) = mastered by Dennis King at Atlantic
ABS = Alex Sadkin
ab or AB = Abbey Record Mfg. Co. (? we still don’t know the exact meaning)
⍺ʙ = Al Brown (5)
BDI or B.D.I. = Brian Ingoldsby
EDP [in oval] = Europadisk Pressing & Mastering
PR or PRC or (PR) = Philips Recording Co. (maker of metal parts from lacquers)
LW or LWP = Longwear Plating (maker of metal parts from lacquers) Enter as “Mastered At”
♡POGO = Keith Olsen’s Pogologo, Inc. (Productions)
Porky or Porky Prime Cut = George Peckham
Pecko Duck = George Peckham
sƒ = Sam Feldman
RL = Bob Ludwig
LH = Lee Hulko
“ɑ” looks like Q = Allied Record Company (usually followed by B-XXXXX)
MG = MGM Records Division in Bloomfield, NJ (Pressing)
AMP = ABC-Paramount
M = Mercury
RCA = RCA Victor
◈-P-◈ = MCA Pressing Plant, Pinckneyville
回-G-回 = MCA Pressing Plant, Gloversville
G or G1= Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Carrollton, GA
✲ or ☆ (prior to ’64 = Capitol Records Pressing Plant, Los Angeles
—◁ = Capitol Records Pressing Plant, Winchester
RG = Rob Grenell, mastering engineer for Atlantic in the late 60’s
GK = Gilbert Kong
“cg” + “☮” = Chris Gehringer
GF = Greg Fulginiti, of Artisan
R3 or R4 = Mastered at Rainbo Records (on Capitol Pressing)
︵︵〰 (birds) or メ or ❀、= Brian Gardner
DT = Dave Travis
RJ = Ray Janos
AZ CB = Chris Bellman at Allen Zentz Mastering
JG = John Golden
JJ = John Johnson (3)
SM = Stephen Marcussen
MF = Mike Fuller
BK = Bill Kipper
McM = Ron McMaster at EMI NY
SH = Steve Hall
H.W. = Howie Weinberg
TJ = Ted Jensen
RB = Ron Boustead (Precision)
SG = Steve Guy
Chet = Chet Bennett
RAYS = Ray Staff at Trident Studios, London
TLC = The Lacquer Channel
FW Ѽ or FWNY = Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs
GOL = Goldisc Recording Products, Inc.
SON or Son = Sonic Recording Products, Inc.
CSB ♪♪ = Carlton Batts (usually with F/W)
PP = Plastic Products
TD = Terry Dunavan
ESR = Elektra Sound Recorders
GC or Baseball looking symbol next to Sterling = Greg Calbi
Ƨ = Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Santa Maria
ℰMW = Electrosound Group Midwest, Inc.
WM (W integrated atop M stamp) = Wakefield Manufacturing
⋐riteriɑ = Criteria Studios
ʙʟ⍂ɪʀ or ʙʟ△ɪʀ = Chris Blair (mastering)
dg = David Gold (3) (Gold Star Studios)
HERbiE :^) = Herb Powers Jr. (mastering)
⁄|⁄ǀ⁄|⁄ǀ⁄|⁄K = Randy Kling (mastering)
ℐ⍺ = Jack Adelman

℗ © ™ ℠ ® ▷ △ ◁ ∇ Δ ◊ ∆ £ ↔ ℒ • · ˙ Ψ º ժ Σ ● Ⴔ




List #2


G.S.V.) -> Greg Vaughn
(spiral sign) @ D+M -> Robert Henke ( Dubplates-mastering, Berlin )
*-J.T.S.-* -> JTS Studio, London
@cul -> Moritz von Oswald
@t GP -> George Piros
“Soundmaster” Lionel @ Translab, Paris -> Lionel Nicod
7AP -> Augustus Pablo
A 1ST FOR KEV – TOWNHOUSE -> Kevin Metcalfe ( Townhouse Studios, London )
A Porky ‘Oh yes’ Prime cut -> George Peckham
A Porky Prime Cut -> George Peckham
A PORKY PRIME CUT -> George Peckham
A Porky Prime Er-Er-Er Goldfish I Think -> George Peckham
A Porky Prime sniff sniff cut -> George Peckham
A PORKY PRIME TANGO -> George Peckham
Allen Zentz -> Allen Zentz
AM -> Andy Mellwig ( The “A” looks like triangle; Dubplates-mastering, Berlin )
an “A with M” sign -> Andy Mellwig ( Dubplates-mastering, Berlin )
andreas at schnittstelle -> Andreas Kauffelt
andreas@schnittstelle -> Andreas Kauffelt
ARUN -> Arun Chakraverty
AT-GP -> George Piros
Audiodisc YYMMDD -> Pressed at Audiodisc AB
Az -> Allen Zentz ( note the lower case Z )
AZ -> Allen Zentz Mastering Company
AZ (with birds/flower) -> Brian Gardner ( Allen Zentz Mastering Company )
AZ CB -> Chris Bellman ( Allen Zentz Mastering Company )
B.E C.R -> Björn Engelmann ( Cutting Room, Stockholm )
B.E-C.R -> Björn Engelmann ( Cutting Room, Stockholm )
B.G. -> Bernie Grundman
BA -> Björn Almstedt
BA•CR -> Björn Almstedt ( Cutting Room, Stockholm )
BA-CR -> Björn Almstedt ( Cutting Room, Stockholm )
BA-EF -> Björn Almstedt
BA-GP -> Björn Almstedt
BA-T∞ -> Björn Almstedt
Beau -> Beau Thomas
BEAU -> Beau Thomas
beau -> Beau Thomas
Bell Sound -> Bell Sound Studios
Bell Sound sf -> Sam Feldman ( Bell Sound Studios )
BH -> Bobby Hata
BilBo -> Denis Blackham ( which looks like BiBo )
Bilbo master room -> Denis Blackham
BK -> Bill Kipper
BKG -> Brian Gardner
C.R -> Cutting Room, Stockholm
C.T.S. Wembley -> C.T.S. Studios, Wembley.
CGB -> Christoph Grote-Beverborg
CGB / D+M -> Christoph Grote-Beverborg ( Dubplates-mastering, Berlin )
CGB @ D&M -> Christoph Grote-Beverborg ( Dubplates-mastering, Berlin )
CGB@D&M -> Christoph Grote-Beverborg ( Dubplates-mastering, Berlin )
CHRIS P @ UNITY -> Chris Parmenidis
COPYMASTERS – Miles -> Miles Showell
CR -> Cutting Room, Stockholm
CSB ♪♪ -> Carlton Batts ( followed by two musical notes )
CURVE PUSHER. -> Curve Pusher Mastering, London
D Jay @ Masterpiece -> Danny King ( Masterpiece Mastering, London )
D&m -> Dubplates-mastering, Berlin
D. SWABY -> Dudley Swaby
D.A.S. Disc Mastering -> Digital Audio Solutions
D+M -> Moritz Von Oswald ( (note; M has a hook on the end); Dubplates-mastering, Berlin )
DAMONT -> Pressed at Damont Audio Limited
DAS Disc Mastering -> Digital Audio Solutions
DB -> Denis Blackham
DCHARLES -> Dick Charles ( Handwritten signature )
DFI -> Pressed at DFI
Djay@ Masterpiece -> Danny King ( Masterpiece Mastering, London )
DK -> Dennis King
DMM -> Direct Metal Mastering
DMS C -> The Hit Factory, DMS, NYC
DMS cg -> Chris Gehringer ( The Hit Factory, DMS, NYC )
DMS cg [peace sign] -> Chris Gehringer
DMS Coin -> The Hit Factory, DMS, NYC
Doug -> Doug Sax
DUDLEY SWABY -> Dudley “Manzie” Swaby
EURODISC -> Eurodisk Manufacturing
EUROPADISK -> Pressed at Europadisk, NYC.
EXCHANGE 2000 – SIMON. -> Simon Davey
F.A. -> Frank Arkwright
F.A. Metropolis -> Frank Arkwright ( Metropolis Studios, London )
F/W -> Frankford Wayne Mastering Labs, NYC.
F/W J -> Frankford Wayne Mastering Labs, NYC.
Finnvox MJ -> Mika Jussila
FOON MASTERING -> Foon Mastering Center
Frankford/Wayne -> Frankford Wayne Mastering Labs, NYC.
Frankford/Wayne Mastering by Michael -> Michael Sarsfield ( Frankford Wayne Mastering Labs, NYC. )
FST @ D+M -> Frederic Stader ( Dubplates-mastering, Berlin )
FST D+M -> Frederic Stader ( Dubplates-mastering, Berlin )
FST>D+M -> Frederic Stader ( Dubplates-mastering, Berlin )
FTS -> Federal Recording Studios, Kingston / Total Sounds
G.K. -> Gilbert Kong
GC -> Greg Calbi ( Sterling )
Gene -> Gene Thompson
GEORGE – COPYMASTERS -> George Peckham
GK -> Gilbert Kong
Gordon at the Townhouse -> Gordon Vickary
GP -> Grammoplast, Sweden
Graeme -> Graeme Durham
GRAEME – SOUND CLINIC -> Graeme Durham
GRAZ – The Exchange -> Graeme Durham
Graz@The Exchange -> Graeme Durham
greyham the exchange -> Graeme Durham
GSV -> Greg Vaughn ( or “G5V“ )
HEM cg -> Chris Gehringer
Herb :^) -> Herb Powers Jr.
Herbie :^) -> Herb Powers Jr.
Herbie Jr :^) -> Herb Powers Jr.
Herve @ Translab -> Hervé Bordes
HFM ´[number] -> The Hit Factory, DMS, NYC
HFM cg -> Chris Gehringer ( The Hit Factory, DMS, NYC )
HP -> Herb Powers Jr.
HTM -> Harry Moss
HuB -> Frankford Wayne Mastering Labs, NYC. ( ? )
HW -> Howie Weinberg
J.Y. -> Joe Yannece
JA Tape One -> Jack Adams
Jacko – Tape One -> Jack Adams
JC Masterroom -> Jeremy Cooper
JD -> John Dent
JD-ASH -> John Dent and Ashley Burchett ( ? )
John D -> John Davis
JON2 -> John Dent
Jonz -> John Dent
Jonz @ Loud Mastering -> John Dent ( Loud Mastering )
K -> Andreas Kauffelt
KG -> Kevin Gray
K.P. -> Ken Perry
KDISC -> K Disc Mastering
Kendun -> Kent Duncan
LAWRIE @ CURVE PUSHER -> Lawrie Immersion
LB -> Larry Boden
LH -> Lee Hulko
Lionel & Hervé @ Translab -> Lionel Nicod & Hervé Bordes
Loop-0 at D&M -> Loop-o ( Dubplates-mastering, Berlin )
Lupo -> Loop-o
M.M.M.J.R. -> Mark Richardson (3) ( Metropolis Mastering, Chicago )
MANDY @ THE EXCHANGE -> Mandy Parnell
MARTIN @ C.T.S. -> Martin Giles
MASTERDED BY CAPITOL -> Capitol Studio & Mastering , Hollywood
MASTERDISK -> Masterdisk, NYC
MASTERDISK G.K. -> Gilbert Kong
MASTERDISK TD -> Tony Dawsey ( Masterdisk, NYC )
Mastered at Abbey Rd -> Abbey Road Studios, London
mastered at ‘Abbey Road’ -> Abbey Road Studios, London
MASTERED AT ALLEN ZENTZ L.A., CALIF. -> Allen Zentz Mastering Company
MASTERED BY CAPITOL Wally -> Wally Traugott ( Capitol Studio & Mastering , Hollywood )
Mastered by NIMBUS, England -> Nimbus
Mastered MIAMI TAPE -> Miami Tape, Hialeah ( (“MIAMI TAPE” is stamped) )
MATT OPTIMUM -> Matt Colton
MCR -> Master Cutting Room, NYC.
Metropolis Mastering Chicago M.J.R. -> Mark Richardson (3)
Mike @ The Exchange -> Mike Marsh
Mike’s™ -> Mike Marsh
MILES -> Miles Showell
MJFX -> Mika Jussila
MMMJR -> Mark Richardson (3) ( Metropolis Mastering, Chicago )
MPO -> Moulages et Plastiques de l’Ouest, Averton.
MR -> Mark Regan
Neil – Masterpiece -> Neil Devine
Neil Masterpiece -> Neil Devine
Nick -> Nick Webb Abbey Road Studios, London )[/i]
Nick’s cut! -> Nick Webb Abbey Road Studios, London )[/i]
NILZ – THE EXCHANGE -> Nilesh Patel
Noel @ Transfermation -> Noel Summerville
NOMIS -> Simon Davey ( “Simon” backwards )
NSC -> National Sound Corporation, Detroit ( used to be solely Ron Murphy (except some very early stuff), now also Heath Brunner )
Ø(Phase) -> Ashley Burchett
Ø(Phase) @ Whitfield London -> Ashley Burchett
ø@CURVE PUSHER -> Ashley Burchett
Ø[Phase] -> Ashley Burchett
Øphase -> Ashley Burchett
øPHASE -> Ashley Burchett
øPHASE @ WHITFIELD ST -> Ashley Burchett
Øphase@ Curve Pusher -> Ashley Burchett ( Curve Pusher Mastering, London )
ORLAKE -> Orlake Records, Dagenham
P.A. -> Phil Austin ( Trutone )
P.O.R.K.Y. -> George Peckham
PAUL S @ PORKY’S -> Paul Solomons
Paul S @ Porky’s -> Paul Solomons
PAUL’S @ PORKYS -> Paul Solomons
Paul’s @ Porkys -> Paul Solomons
PAUL’S THE EXCHANGE -> Paul Solomons
Pauls’ The Exchange -> Paul Solomons
PCMJR -> Mark Richardson (3) ( Prairie Cat Mastering, Belvidere )
PD -> Peter Dahl
PD-CR -> Peter Dahl ( Cutting Room, Stockholm )
PECKO -> George Peckham
PECKO DUCK -> George Peckham
Pete @ Tape To Tape -> Pete Norman
PIPO NYC -> Alberto Roges
POLAR -> Polar Mastering, Stockholm (defunct, now Masters of Audio, Stockholm)
Pole -> Pole
POM TR -> Pompon Finkelstein ( Translab, Paris )
porkeys prime cut -> George Peckham
Porky -> George Peckham
Porky Prime Cut -> George Peckham
Porky Primed -> George Peckham
Porkys -> George Peckham
Primed -> George Peckham
R @ D&M -> Rashad Becker ( Squiggly lower case ‘r’; Dubplates & Mastering ,Berlin )
Rashad -> Rashad Becker
Ray at The Exchange -> Ray Staff
RCE -> Rick Essig ( F/W )
RJ -> Ray Janos ( Sterling )
RL -> Bob Ludwig
RV -> Hervé Bordes
S.D -> Simon Davey
S.M. M.J.R. -> Mark Richardson (3) ( Session Masters, Carol Stream )
SD -> Simon Davey
Sean Abbey rd i…i -> Sean Magee ( Abbey Road Studios, London )
sf -> Sam Feldman
SH -> Steve Hall
SH | KG -> Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray
SHANE -> Shane McEnhill
Shane – the cutteR -> Shane McEnhill ( Graffiti Style; The “h” looks more like a “t” )
Shane @ Heathman’s -> Shane McEnhill ( Graffiti Style; The “h” looks more like a “t” )
SI MASTERPIECE -> Simon Francis
SI Masterpiece -> Simon Francis
simon the exchange -> Simon Davey
SIMON. -> Simon Davey
SNB -> Sabin Brunet
Sound Clinic -> The Sound Clinic, London
Sound Clinic, Graeme -> Graeme Durham ( The Sound Clinic, London )
Sound Clinic/Jonz -> John Dent ( The Sound Clinic, London )
SR -> Stan Ricker
SR/2 -> Stan Ricker
SR2 -> Stan Ricker
SRC signature -> Specialty Records Corporation ( (Stamped, Large S with the R and C in the loops) )
SST -> Schallplatten Schneid Technik, Frankfurt
STERLING -> Sterling Sound, NYC
STRAWBERRY U.K. -> Strawberry Mastering, London
Stu -> Stuart Hawkes
Stu. @ Masterpiece -> Stuart Hawkes
Tape One JA -> Jack Adams
TC -> Tom Coyne
THE EXCHANGE -> The Exchange, London
The Exchange – GD -> Guy Davie
THE EXCHANGE – NILZ -> Nilesh Patel
Tim D. -> Tim Dennen
Tim D. Masterpiece -> Tim Dennen
tim dixon masterpiece -> Tony Dixon
TIMTOM -> Tim Young
Timtom -> Tim Young
TJ -> Ted Jensen ( Sterling )
TLC -> The Lacquer Channel Mastering, Toronto
TML -> The Mastering Lab , Hollowood
TML-M -> The Mastering Lab , Hollowood ( M=Master )
TML-S -> The Mastering Lab , Hollowood ( S=Slave )
TML-X -> The Mastering Lab , Hollowood ( X=Extra )
TOWN HOUSE -> Town House Studios, London
TOWNHOUSE -> Town House Studios, London
Townhouse -> Town House Studios, London
Townhouse Max -> Max Dingel
tph@schnittstelle -> Thomas P. Heckmann
TR -> Translab Mastering, Paris
Transfermation -> Transfermation Mastering, London
TRANSITION -> Transition Mastering Studios, London
Transition -> Transition Mastering Studios, London
Truetone Mastering NYC Carl -> Carl Rowatti ( “Truetone” or “Trutone”? )
Trutone -> Trutone Inc, NYC
Trutone NY – PA -> Phil Austin
Trutone NYC Carl -> Carl Rowatti
TY1 -> Tim Young
Utopia -> Utopia Studios ( With vertical bar(s) in the “U” / Harp )
Village Mastering NYC CR -> Carl Rowatti
Wally -> Wally Traugott
Wally C. @ Masterpiece -> Walter Coelho
Wally C. @ Masterpiece Mastering -> Walter Coelho
Wly -> Wally Traugott
WMME Alsdorf -> Warner Music Manufacturing Europe, Alsdorf
Yann Dub @ DK -> Yann Dub”










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Chasing The Euphoric Dragon…Welcome To “The Machine”…[Update-Edit]


Photo: Courtesy Of Doc Keyaza

Today Up On Christmachine Audio Reference Music Server

I would like to talk a little bit about my love for music and how it began to evolve. There are a few things that have driven me in terms of passion, but music was the most powerful, to me it was not of this earth. I think that passion was so great that it overwhelmed many other lesser passions in terms of priority in my life. I’m sure a lot of you can relate to this. As this site is all about the complete music spectrum and some of you are trying out new types of music to add to the joy in your lives as I do everyday.

When I first started this page I had general ideas of what I wanted to do here but none of it was set in stone. I pretty much had all these ideas and wanted a way to organize them as I have said previously. So it’s been quite fun figuring ways to fill these pages with music history in the sense of music as it happens as an art. Whether it be mixes, vinyl 900x900px-LL-7a6d0b7c_headphones-girls-3669x2592-wallpaperrips, stories and videos this is my way of presenting to you what has made me excited about music.

I remember at a very young age when my parents would play vinyl or cassettes, at just how music affected my psyche. I would be overwhelmed with emotion as, unbeknownst to me, the keys in songs would change and really affect my emotions. Again I stress, I was affected. I would have the whole range of emotions from being unable to stop  from pounding my fists in the air with euphoria or sit on the floor in sad effigy to the classical roller coaster.


Photo: Courtesy Of Doc Keyaza

I remember a particular time around the age of five when I was sitting in the car and some music was playing on the radio and I cannot remember what music it was…but the windows were down and the weather was warm and bam, goose pimples all over my body. I could see the hair on my arm and feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up as if I was a Rho*desian Ridg*eback. I was hooked from that very moment and it would drive my desire for new sounds, to make that feeling, from my neck right down my spine happen again and again.

At about the same time of listening to music in the home at a young age, I was fortunate to meet a kid who was at my bus stop for school who was ten or so years older than me. I thought I knew a lot about music then but I had no idea. Anyway this “kid” got into a conversation with me about music and it somehow ended up with him saying ‘why don’t you come over my house after school  and I’ll show you some real music’. I thought great, excited but I had no idea that it would take me to a whole new level of wonder.

Anyway after school that day finally came and I went with him to his house which was not to far from where I lived, but when we entered his house I had no idea how amazed I would be. I remember walking into his living room, his parents were at work and the first thing that caught my eye was hundreds of records all colorfully categorized on shelves. I remember scoping out the spines from a distance and it was as if I could see the small print on the edge of the gatefolds from across the room.

He began to put records on the turntable one after the other, saying ‘you have to hear this’….Black Sabbath, Yes, Grateful Dead, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, The Yardbirds, Muddy Waters, The Rolling Stones…one after the other he would bounce around to different tracks like a magician. In about an hours time I heard all the best tunes on each record from what I realized was a pro and I had a lot to learn. After that bit of time had gone by, I music-nirvana-dave-grohl-kurt-cobain-music-bands-krist-novoselic-1024x768-hd-wallpaper-400x250remember him saying that I had to leave because his parents would be coming home soon. I did not want it to end, thinking I could do this all day long.

Then the bane of music lenders everywhere confronted me like a dream. I had been looking at a bunch of records…the artwork, the gatefolds, the inserts, the vinyl smell, in complete awe. I did not want to let them go but I went to hand them back to him. He then said, ‘take them home and give them back to him at the bus stop whenever I’m done with them. I stuttered ‘…ahhh ok, thanks…I’ll take real good care of them’. He did not even think about that he just told me to have fun.

So I walked home and I cringe when I say it but it’s kind of funny, I went in my bedroom and plugged in my Fisher Price record player with one speaker and a permanant needle (LOL) fisherpriceand began to listen to Kiss Alive I, Hotter than Hell, Black Sabbath’s first album….I was instantly possessed. Once the needle hit the record bam the goosebumps and the cold feeling in my spine and veins as the adrenaline coursed through my body. There it was again that feeling of weightlessness and the hair standing on the back of my neck. It was dangerous and sonically magnificent at the same time.  I had found a way to do it at will. I was in heaven.

I remember my mother coming to my bedroom door with the look of despair as the tune “Black Sabbath” was cranked on the crappy record player…I knew she was thinking what is that noise! Next came sadness for her I think because innocence was lost in that moment. The devil had entered our home…she looked very worried, not knowing what to do but say ‘turn that off, and where did you get that’. Now…. we went to church but we were not bible thumpers. My mother was actually very open minded… to Fleetwood Mac and Foreigner and Neil Diamond and Mozart, but not Black Sabbath and Kiss kind of open.

So it was that moment that changed my whole life forever, the moments monument Pírataretched into my brain for all eternity. I would never look back.

After a few days the kid at the bus stop said to me, ‘you have my albums’…I thought and said no…They were at home. He said in a nice but stern tone, ‘Make sure you bring them to the bus stop tomorrow.  ‘Ok’… I replied ‘sure’. The next day I brought them and gave them back…I had a funny feeling that we really would not have a friendship or anything which I wanted because I wanted to learn more. I never saw him again. The next day and every day forward, he had disappeared. I get the feeling looking back on it now that he may have had trouble at home in some way. I guess I’ll Never know.

After a few years I remember it was harder and harder to get that feeling of euphoria from the music. I enjoyed it the same but I was no longer getting jacked anymore. I had developed a tolerance. Over the years there would be times when the feeling would come on for a short time but it was not on command like it had been in the beginning. I was then on the intense search for the dragon.

I found that live shows would bring on the feeling, and I did that a lot but even that was hit and miss.  That leads me to many years later and a story for another time. I once again 6330_1203429041436_4311117_nfound “the machine” when I heard the first beats of electronic music pound into into my chest. Bam…goosebumps, techno. Oh shit look out.

So let me finish by saying that I am in constant search of the Holy Grail. I find it in the strangest places but it always rears up it’s unavoidable head. I am old enough now to even see it, smell it, and feel it when it is near. I know it from the moment it starts, through intuition, if this or that is going to move me or not. Sometimes it finds me as it is legion…but I shake my finger at it with confidence and say, “On my terms…understand” as it nods in agreement. It no longer has it’s way with me….I have my way with it.

Thanks for reading and again for all your support!


— L.D.: Christ Machine (@Christ_Machine) May 6, 2014


Bless Bless!

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In the first post for this website I explained what we would be doing here, and having read some of the posts you know that. Some of it will be free form and miscellaneous but the enjoyment for all of us over time will be heightened with a large archive of data and information about music as it continues to evolve.  Right now we are in the first building infrastructure phase, and the reason I say that  is because if you click on some of the categories on the right side of the pages…some of them will have very few links to pieces or may at this point have only been mentioned in an article. These are the types of Bands and artists that I will do future reviews of their catalogs, however this list will continue to grow in many unexpected directions. As the lists get longer, in due time all of the categories, especially the artists and terminology will have plenty of content, reviews & videos etc.

Some of the reviews that will be done will be mega-posts on one particular landmark album where I review say 20 or more versions in every format imaginable. Some bands that have small catalogs to this point, all of it may be covered in one single post but I will update the post as information and releases change. It all depends as you can see, and I  am constantly gathering ideas, excited for a lot of things to cover over time.



“The Audio Reference Music Server”


What do I mean when I say “Audio Reference Music Server…In Depth“? Well it has to do a lot with my portable Hi-Rez DAP (See Here: ) as well as my collection of sources. Obviously like a lot of you I keep a lot of my music not on my computer but in a safe place because, well there’s so much of it. Plus I keep every version of an album that I like for future comparison, testing, and listening. As I’ve said if before if I want to try a different sound signature such as “clinical” over “warm” or “Bright” over “Flat”. I also keep different versions such as mono, stereo, quad, as well as many other categories for “Mood Listening“. Ultimately though what happens when these albums are listened side by side (ABX’d) I have an initial judgement. If it is something I want to listen to or get to know more I put it on my DAP.


Click for some low end thump!

Over time as I get used to the different releases…I often find a better source and it replaces the one that is on my player. Usually I will have them both on there for a little while so I can be sure and then I delete one. I’m pretty intense about it, for example there are days where I will only listen to one particular album (All Versions) for a full day. That means no other music to get in the way of judgement, track by track on every release with a trained ear for the full day. For example “Sgt. Peppers”  or “Dark Side of the Moon” each for one or more days. I hear new detail every time I listen…some may call this obsessive but I am fascinated and driven by it. This is not all the time though, I usually mix it up but I look forward to those “extreme days of dedication” when I can.

With all that comparing and dedicated listening I am constantly weeding out the fluff between different formats, resolutions, and pressings and focusing in on the best. As the contenders list gets shorter and their merit as to why I consider them to stand out from the pack makes itself known, I watch the cream rise to the top. So I have been doing this for a few years and I now look at my portable DAP as “The Reference” for me / where I set the bar as the best until I am proven wrong with my own ears. It’s science, as we know a theory is constantly tested until shown to be inaccurate and while it continues to stand up to rigorous testing It becomes law. My DAP is no different, so after many years of doing  this on different devices…I have finally come up with a large portable library that is the best, my subjective opinion of course as you have your best, and this is what makes up “The Audio Reference Music Server.” (in depth).

Thanks for reading and again for all your support.

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Playlist #4 is up, Greatest Moments Series, Mr. Soul and His Archive, and other assorted…

Today we have several new items up…

Egypt Revolution

Reviews for individual albums or sets will be posted HERE but daily playlists will be posted in the Playlist Feed Blog. Again you can access it from the “PLAYLIST” button in the header menu below the “HOME” button. Or you can get there using the links below.

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First we have Playlist #4 up:

The Greatest Moments in Rock and Roll History Series #1 ~ Queen and Freddie Mercury Live @ Wembley Arena (25 mins.)
Sorry I posted the wrong link at the Pono feed…this is the right one, considered by many to be one of the greatest live performances ever.

6876poThe Archive of Mr. Soul ~ The most amazing and sad video at the same time ~

Marty Friedman being the guitar virtuoso he is ~ playing “Devil Take Tomorrow” live @ NAMM 2014 ~

The Greatest Moments in Rock and Roll History Series #2 ~ Video of Pink Floyd
When Pigs Fly…Pigs Have Flown

Last but not least…

The Record Collector and Audio Snob…[Video] ~ This is what an audio snob is like, you will turn into this if you believe ‘People that listen to vinyl are better than people who don’t listen to vinyl because they listen to vinyl’…8]

k14Enjoy, and please come back soon for some interesting articles to come!

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Please do not reproduce this article either all or in part without the expressed written permission of the author who can be reached via the “Contact” section in the header menu. You may link to the article if you wish, all that we ask is that you give credit to the respective author…”Christmachine” wherever you post a link. Thank you.



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